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Boldenone Acetate

Boldenone Acetate

Boldenone 17-acetate
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Boldenone Acetate will favor athletes looking to run shorter cycles and those who are worried about frequent drug testing and need to able to clear hormones from their system in a timely manner. 

The acetate ester is a shorter acting whose life averages three days; shorter than other esters such as undecylenate, which can last two to three weeks. In regard to bodybuilding, the shorter the ester attached to a base anabolic androgenic steroid, the more frequently a bodybuilder will need to inject the drug or take an oral form of it. Boldenone, like other anabolic androgenic steroids , does have the potential to aromatize or convert testosterone into estrogen.

When taken in high dosages, this is likely to happen. With lower doses, the potential for aromatization when using Boldenone acetate is less than other anabolic androgenic steroids. At safe dosage levels, however, the potential for aromatization results in a relatively low risk for negative side effects including water retention. This makes this form of Boldenone popular among athletes looking more for endurance and strengthening for muscle mass gains rather than bulk, especially versus Deca Durabolin where side effects are more severe.

recipe :


100mg/ml - 100ml

10g Boldenone Acetate powder (7.5ml)

18% BB 18ml

2% BA 2ml

72.5ml Oil

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