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Multi-functional supine board

Multi-functional supine board

Multi-functional supine board

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Multi-functional supine board Sit-up for home folding or commercial gym product parameters:

Colour classification: WIDE AND THICK LYING PLATE
Fitness effect selection: Beautiful Waist / thin waist / Plastic Waist
For Men
Classification of fitness equipment: Multifunctional Supine Board
Benefits of doing sit ups:
1. Sit-ups use waist strength, so it can exercise the abdominal muscle strength, muscle groups can become more developed, lose belly fat.
2. When doing sit-ups, adjust breathing, help stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach, then with the elimination of Excreta in the body, dredge gastrointestinal air, prevent constipation with certain role.

3. When we do sit-ups, we can stimulate the groin and stretch the back muscles, not only to exercise balance, in coordination can also be exercise.

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